Kanji Exercise Book for JLPT N5

Free Download of Kanji Worksheets

When trying to learn Japanese Kanji is always a terrible challenge ! To help all the people wanting to learn Japanese and people who are planning to pass the JLPT N5 Test the NIHON ICHIBAN team created an ebook that you can view and download from here KanjiBookJLPTN5.

Each Kanji is represented on one page featuring :

  • The meaning
  • The Onyomi and Kunyomi readings
  • Vocabulary that includes this Kanji
  • The number of strokes and the strokes order ( along with a link to the NIHONGO ICHIBAN website to see the video of the stroke order)
  • The Radical (components) of the Kanji
  • A Hint to help memorize the Kanji
  • A grid to exercise writing

You can print the Kanji book pages as many times as you want and practice the writing !

Most important this ebook has NO COPYRIGHT so you may feel free to use as many times as you want and to SHARE IT with whoever you want!


  1. How can I get this? I followed the instructions in that page but I didn’t receive anything. Can you send it to my email?

  2. Thank you very much. I could download it and for sure it is very useful for beginners. Great job!

  3. age soeryawati says:

    i like this so much, cuz it helps me to know more about kanji, and it so simple, easy to understand how to read and write, it was writen one character on a page so easy to practice

    thankyou so much

  4. Rizky Fajar Ryanda says:

    Thanks, I really appreciate this 😀

  5. than k u very much ..gbu!

  6. that’s so useful for learning Kanji >”<
    how could i download this??

    • Just click on the picture of the worksheet and the download will start. It might take a minute or two depending on your bandwidth.

  7. Rowena Tizon says:

    i want to have JLPT N5

  8. James405 says:

    Hi Nicolas,
    I also click on the link and it’s already downloaded but there seems to be no content when I clicked on it? Any help with this?

    • Hello,

      If you click on one of the page image or the link KanjiBookJLPTN5 in the first paragraph, a PDF file should open in your browser and you only have to save it then!
      It seems to be working fine, I hope you can download it now.
      Best Regards !

  9. thanks a lot for this , i really appreciate it.
    Best Regards to everybody

  10. Krishna Bajpai says:

    どうもありがとう!あなたのヘルプは本当にかなりある ^^

  11. ありがとうございます!

  12. really helpfull. maybe next time i can download grammar test for any level.
    thanks nihongo ichiban

  13. wow ! really helps me ! 本当にありがとう >.<

  14. chowqing94 says:

    Thanks ! Your twiiter message brought me here. Currently, studying kanji. Feel free to visit my blog, Anicoma Diary if you’re into japanese culture like anime, cosplay & manga. Again, thanks d!

    • Nicolas says:

      Thanks for visiting out site. I hope it will be helpful for your kanji study. You blog looks nice.
      may be you want to consider registering it on the Japan Blog Directory. http://japanblogdirectory.com/
      It if a free service and it helps making your blog known.

  15. arigatou gozaimasu…. 🙂

  16. arigatou…

  17. Jazzlyn says:

    Do you have kanji books for n1 or n2 level?

    • Nicolas says:

      Sorry but we don’t, and we are not sure if that would really make sense considering the enormous effort required to prepare that book.

  18. please sent me a copy could not access it..appreciate your kindness..domo arigato

  19. Pankaj Srivastava says:

    I really like this approach. And can say that N5 is no more challenge for me:)
    Can you also have N4 test like this?

    • Nicolas says:

      Thanks for your comment. We are very happy to hear that the book was helpful to you. As for JLPT N4 – we are not yet sure if we will create a workbook for this one too, yet. Just wondering how many people might need it.

  20. Almost unbelievable that this wonderful ebook was free for download!! Love this great exercise material, thank you and best regards from Germany, Anne

  21. Thank you so much! *Slight bow*

  22. kanataintan says:

    ありがとうございます \(^o^)/

  23. Your site is great! Thanks a bunch for all the helpful material!

  24. Thank you so much. I am studying for my JLPT N5 now and this will be a huge help since I am self learning!!

  25. Yani Suci Romadhona says:

    arigatou gozaimasu. . . . .
    helpfull 😀

  26. domo arigatou gozaimasuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!

  27. Gabby loves you says:

    Thank you so much! You are a beautiful human being :’)

  28. How much of the kanji details do we need to know for the test? Do we NEED to know everything like: both pronunciations, radicals, vocabulary it’s used in, etc.?

  29. annov says:

    OMG! Awesome here… Thank you very much

  30. thank you god bless you.

  31. Bhoopendra Singh says:

    i am learning japanese languse.so i need a kanji practice book please tell me where it available..

  32. Letsio Fridolin Rodin says:

    konbanwa, how can i get this ebook? because I’ve followed the way, but it still can not.

  33. Is the Kanji exercise book for JLPT N4 available??

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