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List of study material for the JLPT N4




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Useful Material for students of the JLPT N4


  1. where i can found the material for the jlpt n4

    • I am sorry, but so far only the kanji are loaded to the page. I am working on creating the remaining material as soon as possible.
      What do you need most urgently?

  2. grammar! many thanks for the kanji 🙂

    • Thanks. I know you all want more grammar. But this one actually takes a lot of time. I am currently finalizing grammar for JLPT N5 and will then start working on N4. がんばります。

  3. Hi,

    Where can I get the grammar part for N4?

  4. Hi Nicolas !
    Could you upload the list of verbs?
    Thank you so much in advance !
    Nice and really convenient site !

  5. List of all verbs for the JLPT N4 pleasee

  6. hi really thanx for uploading..
    but these are not opening..??

    • @aanchal I am still working on creating the contents. The links are not active as long as the contents is not completed 😦

  7. autumn leaves says:

    Hi Nicolas! I am still waiting for the results of my JLPT N5 test (coming this March). At the moment, I am preparing myself with N4 (and browsing some N3 references). I am looking forward to see more of your materials with N4. You really helped me a lot with my N5 test.

  8. If you fail to help love but simply with distaste, it is better that you can leave your projects.
    Happiness doesn’t result from doing easy work but through the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a struggle that demanded good.

  9. It is June yet you still have not updated your website!
    How much time do you need to upload a list… Seriously 😦

    • Hello

      We are sorry for the long waiting time, indeed we need lots of time to do this since it is lots of work we will try to complete it as fast as possible.
      Thanks for your comment.

      Sophie Coureau

      • supakilla says:

        you guys are doing a wonderful job! considering the effort and time it takes to create the stuff, a big thank you to let you know the work is appreciated! to hell with the haterz!! 😉

  10. Thank you so much for this. This site is so helpful!

  11. varun roy says:

    i cleared the jlpt n5 after studyin from this site .. in 2 days .. i know thats impossible but i watch a lotta japanese anime so that helped too … all the questions where within the syllabus rovided in this site .. so im rooting for this site …. waiting for the complete n4 material to come out.

  12. Hi, can 1 of ur admin contact me pls? I’ll share with u the grammar list that i have created then u guys can modify it.

    -Can/Japanese teacher

  13. Can i get the material of chokai N4 here? I need it most urgently.

  14. Parveen Sharma says:

    I’m really impressed by your site.
    I want to clear n5 and n4 in July. For that
    I need study material. I will be heartily thankful if you can provide me this material.
    Hope that you will help me out of this.

  15. Hi Nicholas,
    I’m really impressed with the website as it’s convenient!!
    I note that the i-adjectives, the na-adjectives and the verbs are listed separately.
    I feel it would be even more comfortable if nouns are also listed separately.
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Nicolas says:

      Hi, thanks for sharing this good idea. We will add it as soon as we find some time to do so.

  16. Aishwarya says:

    This website is really too good. I like the way it is organized.
    Could you please update grammar for N4? I will be taking the exam in December 2013.

  17. the verbs with suru;

  18. Ketaki Pujari says:

    This is really mind-blowing.. You guys have done a fantastic job by taking so much efforts to make all the required material available at one click.. Very useful! Keep up the good work…!! 🙂

  19. Hello! Thanks for this amazing website! I appreciate the time and effort you put into building the site, organizing and uploading the material!

  20. It appears the N4 grammar points will not be added. If anyone has any suggested websites with this information, it’d be greatly appreciated!

  21. ifraz rehman says:

    Guyes wt a great work. I passed n5. And looking for complete stuff regarding n4. Plz plz upload rest of the n4 stuff as soon as u can. I m gonna take n4 at dec 2014. Looking forward. Domo arigato to in advance.

  22. Shailesh says:


    Thanks a lot for this extremely helpful website. You have to put in great efforts to create this whole content. I appreciate it.


  23. isn’t there an ebook available for download for N4

  24. HI
    Im taking N4 next month… im not sure where can I get a good material for revision.
    If anyone of you will be able to point it out. i will be really greatful.

  25. khinekhinezin says:


  26. subrat panda says:

    Hello Sir,Thanks a lot for updating this useful materials.Well can you please tell me,where I could get all Japanese kanji pdf ( say from N5 to N2) in the form of pictographix / picture mnemonics.I need it urgently.

  27. I have been referring to this useful website ever since I started learning Japanese.. I wrote N5 in July and planning to write N4 in Dec… I am referring to Minna no nihongo II .. is that fine? Also Can anyone please tell me how many chapters of MNN II should I cover for N4.. Please help….

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