Japanese Kanji Directory

You need to know about 2000 kanji to read and write day to day Japanese. We have found that people have different ways of learning kanji and therefore organize the material in different forms for different needs.

Kanji by JLPT Level

Each JLPT level requires the knowledge of a certain number of kanji. We created lists of kanji for each Japan Language Proficiency Test level to allow students to systematically prepare for it.

~ 100 kanji

~300 kanji

~700 kanji

~1000 kanji

~2000 kanji

Kanji and Kana Flashcards

Flashcards are the most popular way of learning Kanji besides repeatedly writing them. These flashcards are very well designed to prepared for the different levels of the Japanese language proficiency test.

  • A large picture of the kanji
  • On-yomi and kun-yomi reading
  • Stroke-by-stroke diagrams
  • Look alike kanji to help distinguishing similar kanji
  • Vocabulary including this kanji including kanji combinations
  • The cards are varnished with rounded corners to ensure high durability.

  • The Kana flash cards look like so:

Kanji by Radicals

Sorting and learning kanji by radical is one of the most effective way to understand kanji. It is a structural approach that is based on the elements of a kanji. In this section we group kanji by their common radicals. Once you memorized a component you focus on learning kanji that contain this component. You can also look up for kanji you don’t know by identifying a radical and search the kanji in that section.

Kanji directory by Reading

Kanji directory by stroke order

The best way to look up a kanji you don’t know is to count the number of strokes.  This section sorts all kanji by number of strokes so that you can easily look up a kanji.

1 stroke

2 strokes

3 strokes

4 strokes

5 strokes

6 strokes

7 strokes

8 strokes

9 strokes

10 strokes

11 strokes

12 strokes

13 strokes

14 strokes

15 strokes

16 strokes

17 strokes

18 strokes

19 strokes

20 strokes

21 strokes

22 strokes

23 strokes

Practice & Test your Kanji


 Follow this Twitter account to practice the 103 kanji required to pass the JLPT N5. We randomly tweet all 103 kanji once a day with their meaning.


This one currently is under development


  1. Are the links ready yet? I only get images when using Opera.

    • Hi, so far I created about 800 pages and the structure of the overall site including the banners. I have to admit that many banners do not yet point to pages since the pages are not yet finished.
      It will take a few more months until the entire site it complete and all banners are active.
      I am sorry for the inconvenience, but it just takes a lot of time to create all this contents. If there is something you are interested in particular I can bring it forward and terminate it earlier.

  2. Could you show us how to write “鹸” please? thanks!

  3. You Are Awesome!! This Page help me much!

  4. why i can’t open the sample kanji of N3,N2,n1

    • Hello,

      Sorry we are still working on it!
      It takes a lot of time to update all of these but you can still see the updates for the N3 on Nihongo Ichiban and Facebook.
      I apologize for the waiting time but we are working on it!

      Best regards,
      Sophie Coureau

  5. dorie says:

    I just discovered your website. I plan to take N4 this December! Thanks in advance..

  6. Thank you,your website help me much…especially im still learning for kanji…really appreciated,best regards!

  7. I really appreciate the interactive, learner centered nature of this site, it’s very dynamic and streamlined, which helps with to motivate me, lazy learner that I am! Glad I discovered you, I’ll be back!

  8. hiden_himitsu_hisoka says:

    i’m just a bypasser here…
    anyways i really appreciate your effort in making this site….
    hope you keep this up coz this really helps especially to those who are doing
    self study on nihongo….

  9. chan veasna says:

    Watashi wa benkyou shitaidesu.

  10. just found this page REALLY AWESOME!

  11. When will the kanji page for N3 updated?

  12. Zenaida Mizuishi says:

    Really appreciate

  13. i hope you create an offline practise database and dictionary for us to download and learn kanji.

  14. Is there a free e book for N4 kanjis too?.. just like the N5 level kanji ebook. Thanks is advance. Keep up the good work, it is really helping lot of students like me.

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