Kanji Radicals

Complete list of kanji radicals

What are kanji radicals?

A radical is a component of a Kanji. Each Kanji consists of one or multiple radicals. Understanding the radicals makes it easier to memorize kanji, since they become more concrete.This is a collection of most common 214 radicals sorted by the position of the radical inside the kanji:

left siDe (hen)

radical - nimben







right side (tsukuri)

kanji radical tree


top (kanmuri)

bottom (ashi)

left & top (tare)

left & bottom (nyou)

box (kamae)


  1. Sesquipedal says:

    At the top it says “This is a collection of most common 214 radicals” however I only see 4. If this is a progressive collection then no problem at all, however I want to be sure my browser is not displaying the site incorrectly.

    • Thank you very much for checking. I am still step by step creating the pages. So there is nothing wrong with your browser. I am adding pages to this site every day but it will take a while until this site is close to complete.

  2. Sesquipedal says:

    Well that is good to hear! I appreciate you are putting all of this up on your own time. It gives me a chance to sit back and try to re-iterate what I have learned using your posts.

    I appreciate all the effort that went into this site. Thanks.

  3. I’m not sure I understand the flow of the radicals narrative.
    Does LEFT SITE (HEN) suppose to be LEFT SIDE (HEN)?
    And what does TOP (KANMURI), BOTTOM (ASHI), etc., mean?

    Arigato gozaimasu.

  4. reply to Tom’s comment:

    I think he has yet to update the site…and he will give more examples when he does.

    oh, and I’m leaving a comment to show I was here, and I love/support these type of website, where people can learn more things…

  5. It wasn’t explained clearly. What are the top (kanmuri),bottom (ashi), left & top (tare)
    left & bottom (nyou), box (kamae) that were mentioned when I am seeing nothing?

  6. I have been learning Japanese. Thank you for such awesome website.

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