Japanese Language School Directory

List of Japanese Language Schools

Attending lessons at a good Japanese language school certainly is one of the most effective ways to acquire language skills. We started to put together a directly of Japanese language schools in the world and also encourage you to comments on schools you know or to ask for schools to be added to the directory.

Learn Japanese Online

Japanese Online Institute 


Yumi to Lesson




Japanese Language Schools in Japan

Japanese Language Schools in the World


  1. I would mention ICLS in Malaysia.
    the website’s address is icls.com.my

  2. Another online Japanese school is:


    We offer private Japanese lessons from experienced teachers, plus free Japanese quizzes, and kanji and kana games. Free trial lesson, too.

  3. CheckMark Learning Centre in Calgary (www.checkmarklearningcentre.com) runs a Beginner to High Beginner Japanese class. The only language spoken in the class is Japanese, by the teacher and students. We use gestures and pictures when we get stuck, but we never use English. We also teach private lessons in our school, and private Skype lessons with our great Japanese teachers, to students all over the world!

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