JLPT N3 Study Material

List of study material for the JLPT N3


  • List of all vocabulary for the JLPT N3
  • List of all i-adjecives for the JLPT N3
  • List of all na-adjectives for the JLPT N3
  • List of all verbs for the JLPT N3



  1. Thanks 4 material… I vote 5 star…. Hehe:)

  2. Thanks – I am still working on adding more material – the more there is the more useful the site will be. Please let me know if you have ideas on what else to add.

  3. How can i see this material? I cannot openit. ..
    Help.. Please…

  4. I think better to add like a “kaiwa” for N3 and simple tex reading too… (Hehe^^v;-)

  5. Valeria Cafagna says:

    I cannot open the material too…it’s not online yet? can you kindly tell me how to see it? it would be VERY useful! Thanks a lot!

  6. I cannot open any of these, is it active? I would much appreciate the materials! 🙂

    • I am still in the process of adding material to the site after creating the banners and text for the links. Unfortunately it will still take some time until I can complete the material for N3. i am currently creating the kanji list for N3.

  7. japanese greetings, n2 grammer points

  8. i m not able get any of it,s link . is it working……….

    • Hello,

      Sorry for the long wait. We are currently still working on it.
      Please be patient and keep on checking for updates on Nihongo Ichiban.
      Thank you for your comment.

      Best Regards,
      Sophie Coureau

  9. n3 study materials plees
    balan , india

  10. How can i see this material? I cannot open it. ..please help……….

    • Hello,

      Sorry many of you are asking for updates on the N3/N2/N1 materials, we are currently working on it but it takes lots of time to update these.
      I apologize for the inconvenience but thank you for your message and please keep on checking the website for the updates.

      Best regards,
      Sophie Coureau

  11. Shreedhar says:

    We understand! I loved your N4 material, and the grouping of Kanjis and the words that use them really helped me in my final renshuu for N4. Hope the N3 stuff is ready soon! Thanks for the effort

  12. S.Ramesh says:

    I would like to know what study material is available online for JLPT N3 level till date for download?

  13. hime Sama says:

    Why i can’t open in this level? Help…onegai shimasu

    • You can not open it because it is not yet a link. We are working on this page and hope to make it available soon.

  14. rishikesh says:

    Please update N3 material as soon as possible……your materials are very useful…..

    • Thanks for using our material. We are already working on N3. But please understand that with each level the number of kanji and vocabulary significantly increases, so that it takes more and more time to complete and we can only spend little time on this every day. 頑張っていま〜す。

  15. How can i see this material? I cannot open it

    • It is still under construction. As each JLPT level has more vocabulary and kanji and takes us more time to create the material.

  16. Please, I want to learn them, I will take JLPT N3 in December 2012. Thank you for providing these material. I am waiting ^_^*

  17. hello hi .., thanks a lot for your materials ,helping us a lot … m seriously looking forward for n3 study materials … even m taking exam in this December

  18. Really great site. thank you so much for your effort.


    Dear sir/madam I need study materials for N3 for July 2013. Regards

  20. Yup! waiting for N3 materials!!

    • Nicolas says:

      We are working on it, but the lists will only be added after we created all pages for the JLPT N3 kanji – and there is still some way to go.
      But thanks for visiting our site.

      • We are adding contents almost every day and it just takes a lot of time to complete this site. We now have about 1200 pages up – it takes about 15000 if we want to cover everything. May I remind you that is a free service to help the community of Japan learners. And if you don’t like it – just stop visiting us and make use of other sites…
        You might also want to volunteer to add contents and speed up the process…

  21. Thank you for addressing my concern, sorry to have been a bit aggressive. I appreciate the scope of things and the massive work done on other parts of the site, there IS a ton of material here and yes it’s all done as a labour of love and born from hardwork. I wasn’t aware of the full FULL scope of it (15,000 pages) and realise that there are bound to be blind spots. Am I able to edit my previous comment to not be such a douche? I apologise, passion can be an awkward beast.

    (If not, feel free to delete it.)

    • Hi Rufus,
      Thanks for the apology. I also wished we would move faster. I will remove the previous comment as you wish. I think we have made good progress in adding each of the JLPT N3 kanji (single pages). Once we created all the pages for the new kanji, we will be adding the list of all kanji including links to each kanji. Then vocabulary will be the next challenge…

  22. Jazmine Miller says:

    I volunteer to help ^_^

  23. Abe Bernardo says:

    Very useful! Gambatte kudasai, Nicolas-san! I am waiting for N3 materials since last year. I am sure the stuffs here will exist if ever Japan Nursing Board Exams is all written in Japanese. If I pass the exam…, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! 🙂
    But for now, take your time. I still have years to learn.

    I hope this site is still active this year. Arigato gozaimasu!! 🙂

  24. Hi.. I would like to buy the flashcards for N3 and N2 level but it’s out of stock. How can I avail of this product? It seems very helpful and I would like to have it.


  25. Shisir says:

    Where i could get a book

  26. I am not able to open any of the links. the links aren’t available for any other kanjis.

  27. Thank you.

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