Useful Links for the JLPT

ABOUT The Japanese Language Proficiency Test:

Websites with material on the JLPT

The Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT):

Online Dictionaries:

  • Jim Breen’s – word translation (Japanese – English)
  • Wadoku – (Japanese – German)
  • Nouben – (Japanese – English)
  • JAANUS  Terminology of Japanese Architecture & Art History – (Japanese – English)

Study in Japan:


  1. siska olivia says:

    this site good from people want knows about kanji meaning…

  2. Here is an excellent offline dictionary a recommend surely its called Zkanji

  3. TNX a bunch..これから、もっと、もっとがんばりますよ。^ ^

  4. Kirk Finnegans says:


  5. Here are another worth adding online Japanese dictionary


  1. […] List of useful links for studying Japanese. […]

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