Kanji Card – 生


751F – 生

Meaning:to live, to grow, be born, raw

Onyomi: SEI, SHOU

Kunyomi: i(kiru), u(mu), ha(yasu), nama, ki

Strokes: 5  (click on pic to start video)


生 – nama – pure, undiluted, raw, crude

学生 – gakusei – student

誕生日 – tanjoubi – birthday

生まれる – umareru – to be born

生きる – ikiru – to live, to exist


  1. Reblogged this on The Joys and Worries of an East Asian Lover and commented:
    I wake up and find this kanji in my twitter feed. A beautiful and useful one!

  2. Great job with this site. You are a good japanese teacher to me!

    Just an aclaration:
    In the line:
    “生きる – ikuru – to live, to exist”
    I think is “ikiru”, not “ikuru”.

    Thanks for read!

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