Kanji Card – 右 – migi


53F3 - 右


Onyomi: U, YUU

Kunyomi: migi

Strokes: 5  (click on the pic to start the video)


右 – migi – right

右岸 – ugan – right bank (shore)


  1. i’d like to learn more of japanese….

  2. pls help me to understand what is kunyomi and onyomi reading for a kanji letter.

  3. leanna sumi says:

    Generally as a rule, Onyomi is when the kanji is written with other kanji eg 大学 pronounced Dai gaku (university) The onyomi for 大 is “dai” and the kunyomi is “ooki”. Kunyomi is said when the kanji written alongside Hiragana eg. “expensive” is Taka(i) so 高い…..The onyomi for 高 is kou and then kunyomi is “taka” but then sometimes ive noticed that this can all be mixed up, especially with names. Also ive been told that Onyomi is the Chinese pronounciation and Kunyomi is the Japanese pronounciation (because its with the Hiragana) but that might be wrong

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