Kanji Card – 飲



98F2 - 飲

Meaning:to drink

Onyomi: IN

Kunyomi: no(mu)

Strokes: 12 (click on the pic to start the video)


飲む – nomu – to drink

飲食 – inshoku – food and drinks


  1. hi konban wa.
    o genki desuka nacolas san? anatano website toteme kantan desune, dec no asa watashiwa jlptn5 tsute ga arimasu yo!

    • konban wa, arigatougozaimasu. ganbatte kudasai.

  2. Great page! If anyone is studying for the N5, I am using my facebook page to post my notes. Please feel free to post any notes that you have. Take care and God Bless!


  3. おもしろいです。

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