Survival Japanese – self introduction

When you come to Japan you will probably meet many people. Even if you don’t speak the language, using a little bit of Japanese to introduce yourself will bring you a lot of sympathy for making the effort. This is a collection of useful phrases that can be used to introduce yourself in Japanese.


This is a simple but polite self introduction that can be used in any situation. It also can be used in a business situation without being regarded as rude or too casual.

Kanji 初めまして。Michaelです。よろしくお願いします。
Furigana はじめまして。Michaelです。よろしくおねがいします。
Romaji hajimemashite.Michael desu.Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
English Nice to meet you.My name is Michael.It’s a pleasure to meet you.


The Japanese language used in business is more formal and more polite than the day to day language. If you represent your company it also is common to mention your company name and eventually your department when you introduce yourself. Please also be aware that in Japanese usually the last name is mentioned before the first name.

Kanji 初めまして。Coca Colaの営業のMichael Smithと申します。どうぞよろしくお願いします。
Furigana はじめまして。Coca ColaのえいぎょうのMichael Smithともうします。どうぞよろしくお願いします。
Romaji hajimemashite.Coca Cola no eigyou no Michael Smith to moushimasu.Douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
English Nice to meet you.My name is Michael Smith from Coca Cola sales.It is a pleasure to meet you.

When you handover your business cards, make sure to hand it over holding it with two hands and also receive your business partner’s card with two hand. It is polite to have a short look at the card in order to check the position and title of the other person. When you return to the meeting table you should line up the business cards in front of you and arrange them in the same order as the people are sitting (This can be difficult sometimes). Do not write on a business you received in front of the people since this is regarded as un-polite.


  1. Thank you for providing this web page for us whom learning Japanese i’m appreciates your.

  2. TQ.

  3. Marceline says:

    Ty!, but how do you introduce yourself on martial arts? I think It’s the same line with the simple form but I’m curious 🙂

    • This is an interesting questions and – to be honest – I don’t know. Does anybody who is in martial arts know the answer?

  4. chuachua says:

    arigatou ^^ really helpful 😡

  5. How do I spell my name: Zhané in Japanese?

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