My name in Japanese – Mary

Your name in Japanese phonetic alphabet:

Foreign words – such as foreign names – are written in katakana, which is a phonetic Japanese alphabet. These characters only describe the reading and sound but have no meaning by themselves. If you want to create a business card in Japanese you should be using these characters.

Katakana マリ
Reading  MA RI

Click on the link for each character and learn how to write it from the video.

Your name in Japanese kanji characters:

Japanese names usually are written in kanji characters which have a meaning. Many kanji have the same pronunciation but different meanings, so that there are many possible combinations for a specific name. Parents therefore spend a lot of time choosing the characters for the names of their children.

We looked at possible combinations with nice meaning to write your name in Japanese. There probably are more possibilities and we will add them if we come across one of them.


Kanji Meaning Reading
truth MA
benefit RI


Kanji Meaning Reading
truth MA
reason, logic RI


Kanji Meaning Reading
truth MA
home, village RI


Kanji Meaning Reading
ten thousand MA
reason, logic RI


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    Hi i am using Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 but i can’t see anything in Japanese script please help

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