The Hiragana Times

The Hiragana Times is a Japanese magazine published since 1986. It is very useful for those who are learning Japanese. Indeed, the articles are written in English but followed by the Japanese version. It is a very good way to practice Japanese no matter your level.

On one hand, beginners will learn lots of vocabulary and get used to reading in Japanese without having difficulty since the kanji have furigana.

On the other hand, advanced speakers will be able to practice regularly their Japanese.

The articles are very different and cover from cultural facts to business and politics themes, stories of foreigners living in Japan and tips on traveling are also published.

The different advantages of the Hiragana Times are :

  • Practice reading Japanese without being blocked by Kanji
  • Discover the Japanese Culture in both English and Japanese
  • Learn important vocabulary even on themes such as politic and business
  • Being able to read it on your computer and print it yourself (for the Digital Version)
  • Receiving MP3 format tracks of some articles to practice listening

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