Please let us know what you thought of the 103 First Kanji E-book !!

We would like to know if you were satisfied of our Kanji e-book so we created this poll ! You may choose an answer from the possible answers below but feel free to use the “other comment” space if you want to tell us more !

Please also tell us with How Many People You Shared The E-book in the “other comment” space !




  1. Radini Nayomi says:

    本当に どうも ありがとう ございます。 これ は 大変 便利な 物 です。 ^_^

  2. The best way to learn Kanji is to use them alone and in compounds (jukugo) with the main readings (on and kun) in a sentence context. Also hints about the structure (radical, picture e.t.c.) are helpful.

  3. Thank you. I will share with others. I highly recommend this free e-book to students or graduates for daily upkeep in the Japanese language.

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