Vocabulary Card – 小さい – chiisai


furigana: 小さい

romaji: chiisai

Meaning: small

Level: JLPT N5


Form Kanji Furigana Romaji
plain form 小さい ちいさい chiisai
past 小さかった ちいさかった chiisakatta
negation 小さくない ちいさくない chiisakunai
past negation 小さくなかった ちいさくなかった chiisakunakatta
sa form 小ささ ちいささ chiisasa
sou form 小さそう ちいさそう chiisasou



大きい – ookii – big

Related Words

少ない – sukunai – few

少し – sukoshi – a little bit


  1. Patricia Ross says:

    I find the layout and information very clear and helpful but don’t understand the `sa’ and `sou’ form.

    • Nicolas says:

      Particia, Thanks for the feedback. I tried to improve the explanation of the sa-form. Is it better now?

      If not, what is the part which is hard to understand. How to build it or what it is about?

      Thanks for your help. Nicolas

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