Vocabulary Card – 汚い – kitanai

furigana: きたない
romaji: kitanai
Meaning: dirty
Level: JLPT N5


Kanji Meaning Onyomi Kunyomi JLPT
light weight KEI karu(i), karo(yaka) 2
hiragana i 5

Grammar: i-adjective

Form Kanji Furigana
Romaji JLPT
plain form 汚い きたない kitanai 5
past 汚かった きたなかった kitanakatta
negation 汚くない きたなくない kitanakunai
past negation 汚くなかった きたなくなかった kitanakunakatta
sa form 汚さ きたなさ kitanasa
sou form 汚そう きたなそう kitanasou


Kanji 子供達は遊びながら汚くなりました。
Furigana こどもたちはあそびながらきたなくなりました。
Romaji kodomotachi wa asobinagara kitanaku narimashita.
English The children became dirty whilst playing.



Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT


Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT
きれい きれい kirei clean, beautiful 5

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Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT


  1. Don O'Neil says:

    your example for kitanai is a bit discouraging. I recognise the verb asobu but what is the ending on it? and why is the ku form used? I thought that was to make an adverb. I guess I still have very much grammar to learn!

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