Japanese accounting glossary

This is a collection of words typically used in accounting. This is work in progress and other words will be added over time to make it even better.

Please let me know if you think that a word or more are missing. Just mention it in the comment function and it will be added to the list. Do the same if you want us to add a new glossary.


English Romaji Furigana
accountant kaikeishi かいけいし 会計士
accounting department keiribu けいりぶ 経理部
annual closing nenkankeisan ねんかんけいさん 年間計算
audit kansa かんさ 監査


English Romaji Furigana
delivery note nouhinsho のうひんしょ 納品書


English Romaji Furigana
liquidity ryuudousei りゅうどうせい 流動性
listed company joujoukaisha じょうじょうかいしゃ 上場会社
loan kariirekin かりいれきん 借入金
local currency genchi tsuuka げんちつうか 現地通貨
local tax chihouzei ちほうぜい 地方税


English Romaji Furigana
monthly report getsuji houkoku げつじほうこく 月次報告


English Romaji Furigana
standard costs hyoujun genka ひょうじゅんげんか 標準原価
stock exchange shouken torihikijo しょうけんとりひきじょ 証券取引所
stockholder kabunushi かぶぬし 株主
stockholder meeting kanunushi shoukai かぶぬしそうかい 株主総会
stock price kabuka かぶか 株価
sister company shimaikaisha しまいかいしゃ 姉妹会社
subsidiary company kogaisha こがいしゃ 子会社


English Romaji Furigana
tangible fixed asset yuukei kotei shisan ゆうけいこていしさん 有形固定資産
tax accountant zeirishi ぜいりし 税理士
tax rate zeiritsu ぜいりつ 税率
tax year zeinendo ぜいねんど 税年度
tax deductible sonkin sannyuu koumoku そんきんさんにゅうこうもく 損金算入項目
taxable income kazei shotoku かぜいしょとく 課税所得
taxation kazei かぜい 課税
total assets soushisan そうしさん 総資産
total liabilities fusaigoukei ふさいごうけい 負債合計
total sales souuriagedaka そううりあげだか 総売上高
trade account receivables urikakekin うりかけきん 売掛金
transfer price furikae kakaku ふりかえかかく 振替価格


English Romaji Furigana
useful life taiyou nensuu たいようねんすう 耐用年数


English Romaji Furigana
value added tax fukakachizei ふかかちぜい 付加価値税
variable costs hendouhi へんどうひ 変動費
variance analysis saibunseki さいぶんせき 差異分析


English Romaji Furigana
working capital untenshihon うんてんしほん 運転資本


  1. Retyawanto says:

    Monthly report wa arimasen

    • Nicolas says:

      Thanks – this was a very good point, I should have though about it. I just added. Thanks again.

  2. sumimasen. would you please posting about ‘ japanesse chemistry glossarry’ ?

  3. Under cost, under forecast, projection

  4. Jenni says:

    Since you already have variable costs, why not to add ‘fixed costs’ as well. Also, what is the difference between 経理 and 会計? Is it like managerial accounting and financial accounting?

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