Kanji Card – 美


7F8E - 美

Meaning beautiful
Onyomi BI
Kunyomi utsuku(shii)
Strokes 9 (click on the pick to start the video)


Kanji Furigana Romaji Meaning JLPT
美しい うつくしい utsukushii beautiful 3
美味しい おいしい oishii delicious 5
美術館 びじゅつかん bijutsukan art museum


Radical Radical name Meaning


  1. Now so seldom given sample sentence. If I want to say “これ美車の美” is it right?

    • Nicolas says:

      It is a nice idea but 美 cannot be combined with any other kanji, but there is nor rule for this. In advertisement however it sometimes is done and everybody knows what is meant.
      The combination of 美 and 車 is not natural. In this case you rather say これはきれいな車です。kore wa kireina kuruma desu.

  2. I have a Japanese Calendar, all the picture are Japanese houses. In the cover written すまいの美 sumai no Yoshi(read BI)=(the beauty of living) what do you think? Thank you for your explanation.

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