Do you know the origin of the Japanese word arigatou

Do you know the origin of the Japanese word for thank you – arigatou? Watch this nice video and find out.

Here are the two kanji mentioned in the vide0:


有 - ari - to exist

難 (no kanji card yet). This is the kanji used in 難しい – muzukashii – difficult





How do you say thank you in your language? Let us know in the comment section.


  1. Thiago Moraes says:

    Here in Brazil we say “obrigado”. 😀

  2. autumn leaves says:

    In Tagalog (Philippines), we say “Salamat” . ^_^

  3. in arabic we said (shukran) ..arigatoo for the explanation 🙂

  4. we say ‘gracias’ in spanish 🙂

  5. In Vietnamese, we said: “Cảm ơn”,

  6. in Turkish we say –> “Teşekkürler” ^^

  7. Jessie S says:

    in Malaysia, we say “Terima Kasih” ^_^

  8. pedrito r. montemayor says:

    here in the Philippines,we say ” salamat po” for arigatou.

  9. karthik says:

    In Tamil language(India) we say — “Nandri”

  10. In English, we say “Thank you”!
    (Yes, I’m just joking around).

  11. In Indonesia we said : Terima Kasih (*_^) while in Balinese ( where i live ) is ” Suksma” 😀 for ありがとう

  12. Like J.E., USA English is ‘thanks’ or ‘thank you.’ Sometimes, ‘thank you very much.’

  13. We say “merci” in French.

  14. My friend in Kansai Region tell me that it is “maido”. Which I found later that it comes from “maidoari(gatou)”.
    Since I come from Indonesia, we say “terima kasih” or “makasih”, in short.

    Doomo… (Well, it’s another way of thanking, right?)

  15. Here in Ireland, it’s “Go raibh maith agat.”

  16. charlotte says:

    In Denmark we say “Tak” or “Mange tak”

  17. Mariska says:

    In the netherlands we say “Dankjewel” or “Dank je” or “Bedankt”.

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