Grammar of places for JLPT N5

All grammar related to places / locations required for JLPT N5

Here is a collection of grammar and phrases used to express places or locations. These three items are required for the JLPT N5. If you place the curser on top of the titles you will receive additional information about the components of this grammar form.

Place + NI + NOUN + Aru / iru

Kanji 机の上に本があります。
Furigana つくえのうえにほんがあります。
Romaji tsukue no ue ni hon ga arimasu.
English There is a book on the table.

Place + NI + NOUN + COUNTER + Aru / iru

Kanji 机の上に本が三冊あります。
Furigana つくえのうえにほんがさんさつあります。
Romaji tsukue no ue ni hon ga sansatsu arimasu.
English There are three books on the table.

NOUN + WA + place + NI + ARU / IRU

Kanji 本は机の上にあります。
Furigana ほんはつくえのうえにあります。
Romaji hon wa tsukue no ue ni arimasu.
English The book is on the table.


  1. Thara Ramesh says:

    Thank you for your kind help by providing the study material for N5.I am from India,taking classes with my Teacher.Doomo Arigatoo Gozaimasu.

  2. can you give me an example of n5 exam pls


  1. […] Grammar of places for JLPT N5. […]

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