Kanji Card 否

Kanji – JLPT N3 – 否


Meaning Say no / Or not
Onyomi HI
Kunyomi Ina
Strokes 7 (click on the pic to start the video)

Vocabulary including the kanji 否

Kanji Furigana Romaji Meaning JLPT
安否 あんぴ Anpi safety; welfare; well-being;
拒否 きょひ Kyohi denial; veto; rejection; refusal;
否定 ひてい Hitei negation; denial; repudiation; NOT operation;

Kanji Radicals inside 否

Radical Radical name Meaning


Kanji 私の計画は拒否された。
Furigana わたしのけいかくはきょひされた。
Romaji Watashi no keikaku wa kyohi sareta.
English My plan got rejected.


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  1. Rizalino M. Tibule says:

    Ohayo gozaimasu.
    Watashi wa Rizalino san desu.
    I used to speak basic Japanese word during my visits to the Land of the Rising sun.
    Japan is a beautifil country with wonderful people, things that made me interested to study your language which i use as a medium of communication whenever i am meeting NIHON JIN at work anywhere. I am a Healthcare professional base in the Middle East.
    I am proud that i can communicate with our Japanese clients and learning NIHONGGO is an edge.
    I Hope that through your program, i will be able to acquire most knowledge in writing Hiragana and Kanji.
    Doumo Arigatoh Gozaimasu.

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