Particle から (kara)

This particle describes the beginning of something and can be used in a temporary or geographical context or it has the meaning “from”.

1. Temporary context:

In this context the particle から (kara) is used to express that a period of time starts.

Kanji 会議は十時からです。
Furigana かいぎはじゅうじからです。
Romaji kaigi wa juuji kara desu.
English The meeting starts at 10 o’clock.


2. Geographical context:

In this case から (kara) is used to express the meaning of “from this place onwards”.

Kanji ここからは入りません。
Furigana ここからははいりません。
Romaji koko kara ha hairimasen.
English No entry from here onwards.


3. Meaning: “from”:

In this case the particle から (kara) is used to express receiving something from someone else. It can be used as an alternative to the Particle より (yori).

Kanji この本は先生から貰いました。
Furigana このほんはせんせいからもらいました。
Romaji kono hon wa seinsei kara moraimashita.
English I received this book from my teacher.




  1. In the “2. Geographical context:” the romaji for は(as a particle) is “ha”, though it should be “wa”.

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