Particle に (ni)

This particle is used to express dative.


Kanji 私は友達メ-ルを送ります。
Furigana わたしはともだちメ-ルをおくります。
Romaji watashi wa tomodachi ni meeru o okurimasu.
English I send my friend an email.




  1. Excuse me, Nicolas-san
    I’ve heard of a Japanese says “まわりの友達が楽しそうにやっていたからです”..
    is the use of に correct here? is it explaining 楽しい?
    thanks in advance 🙂

  2. thanks for the reply…
    Actually I’m curious about what’s the use of particle “ni” there
    tanoshii sou ni yatteita kara desu
    ni here would be referring to tanoshi then which is not in the rule of the uses of particle ni like as far as I know referring to location or to certain object … 🙂

  3. So…confusing..

  4. satish kumar says:

    please more example from this particle.

  5. If it’s possible to delve a little deeper into this particle’s explanation, that would be great. Maybe a few more examples?


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