Vocabulary Card – 良い – ii

furigana: いい・よい
romaji: ii or yoi
Meaning: good
Level: JLPT N5


Kanji Meaning Onyomi Kunyomi JLPT
good RYOU yo(i)
hiragana i 5

Grammar: i-adjective

Form Kanji Furigana
Romaji JLPT
plain form 良い よい・いい yoi / ii 5
past 良かった よかった yokatta
negation 良くない よくない yokunai
past negation 良くなかった よくなかった yokunakatta
sa form 良さ よさ yosa
sou form 良さそう よさそう yosasou

Be careful since there is an exception on the sou-form. It is not yosou but yosasou (for easier pronunciation).


Kanji 私の父はとても良い人です。
Furigana わたしのちちはとてもいいひとです。
Romaji watashi no chichi wa totemo ii hito desu.
English My father is a very good person



Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT


Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT
悪い わるい warui bad 5

Related words

Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT


  1. よい・いい
    whether for the past can use いかった?also negation etc.

    • Nicolas says:

      This is a very good question. ii / yoi is a little bit irregular and all other forms than the plain form are only made with yo- NOT i-.

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