Particle か – ka for questions

The Japanese particle か – ka

Function of the particle か – ka

This particle か – ka is used to express a question. In contrast to Western languages Japanese to go up with the voice at the end of a question. A particle is therefore used to indicate a question to one’s counterpart.

How to use the particle か – ka

The particle か – ka is added at the end of a sentence to change it from a statement to a question.

[sentence] + [か/KA]

Example sentence for the particle か – ka

Kanji 貴方は先生ですか?
Furigana あなたはせんせいですか?
Romaji anata wa sensei desu ka?
English Are you a teacher?

Kanji あの映画は面白いですか?
Furigana あのえいがはおもしろいですか?
Romaji ano eiga wa omoshiroi desuka?
English Is this movie interesting?

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