Vocabulary Card – 涼しい – suzushii

furigana: すずしい
romaji: suzushii
Meaning: cool (temperature)
Level: JLPT N5


Kanji Meaning Onyomi Kunyomi JLPT
cool RYOU suzu(shii), suzu(mu)
hiragana shi 5
hiragana i 5

Grammar: i-adjective

Form Kanji Furigana
Romaji JLPT
plain form 涼しい すずしい suzushii 5
past 涼しかった すずしかった suzushikatta
negation 涼しくない すずしくない suzushikunai
past negation 涼しくなかった すずしくなかった susushikunakatta
sa form 涼しさ すずしさ suzushisa
sou form 涼しそう すずしそう suzushisou


Kanji 涼しい天気はとても気持ち良いです。
Furigana すずしいてんきはとてもきもちいいです。
Romaji suzushii tenki wa totemo kimochi ii desu.
English Cool weather feels very pleasant.



Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT
冷たい つめたい tsumetai cold, cool


Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT
温かい あたたかい atatakai warm 5

Related words

Kanji Furigana
Romaji Meaning JLPT
寒い さむい samui cold 5
暑い あつい atsui hot (air) 5


  1. Patricia Ross says:

    Thank you for all your work. I find the inclusion of Synonyms, Opposites and related word really useful .

    • Nicolas says:

      My believe is that having many cross references to a word such as synonyms, opposites, related words and example sentences somehow help to memorize a word.

      It increases the chance to find a connection that works for you and improves versatility of your vocabulary.

  2. I’m still getting difficulties to place of articles; In what case I have to use が、へ、は、で、に、etc. Thank you

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