List of i-adjectives for the JLPT N5

This is the table of all i-adjectives you need to know for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5. Click on the adjective and all the grammar forms of this adjective.

Kanji Furigana Romaji Meaning
青い あおい aoi blue
赤い あかい akai red
明るい あかるい akarui light, bright
温かい あたたかい atatakai warm
新しい あたらしい atarashii new
暑い あつい atsui hot (air)
厚い あつい atsui thick
危ない あぶない abunai dangerous
甘い あまい amai sweet
良い よい / いい yoi / ii good
忙しい いそがしい isogashii to be busy
痛い いたい itai to be painful
薄い うすい usui thin
美味しい おいしい oishii tasty, delicious
大きい おおきい ookii big
遅い おそい osoi late, slow
重い おもい omoi heavy
面白い おもしろい omoshiroi intersting, funny
辛い からい karai hot, spicy
軽い かるい karui light (not heavy)
可愛い かわいい kawaii cute, pretty
黄色い きいろい kiiroi yellow
汚い きたない kitanai dirty
暗い くらい kurai dark
 黒い くろい kuroi black
寒い さむい samui cold
白い しろい shiroi white
涼しい すずしい suzushii cool
狭い せまい semai narrow
高い たかい takai high, expensive
楽しい たのしい tanoshii pleasant, enjoyable
小さい ちいさい chiisai small
近い ちかい chikai near, close
詰らない つまらない tsumaranai uninteresting
冷たい つめたい tsumetai cold
強い つよい tsuyoi strong
遠い とおい tooi far
長い ながい nagai long
早い はやい hayai early
速い はやい hayai fast, quick
低い ひくい hikui low
広い ひろい hiroi wide, spacious
太い ふとい futoi thick, fat
古い ふるい furui old
欲しい ほしい hoshii to want something
細い ほそい hosoi thin, fine
不味い まずい mazui bad tasting
丸い まるい marui round
短い みじかい mijikai short
難しい むずかしい muzukashii difficult
優しい やさしい yasashii gentle
安い やすい yasui cheap
若い わかい wakai young

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  1. コマン says:

    Thnaks for the posted. Help me a lot. ありがとう な ツ

  2. 不味い has a wrong furigana, it’s written masui instead of mazui. 🙂

    • I was not aware I have had so many spell mistakes. Thanks for finding it and pointing in out. I will correct it immediately.

  3. I have a question: Will the kanji with no mouse-over get an explanation too in the future? It helps a lot to see them also beside the meaning (I can learn kanji faster when I see them more often).
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • @Erbe Thanks for the suggestion. The basic idea is to provide a link for all kanji mentioned in the examples for exactly the purpose to give more exposure. It just takes so much time to complete this.
      Currently I am focussing on completing the kanji cards for the 2000 most common kanji, so that I do not have to check if a kanji is already in or not. I am close to having 50% done, so it will still take a while. But your idea is on the to do’s for future development of the site.

  4. It would really help if you coloured red only the kanji needed for N5. Overall the site is great, thank you!

  5. Month Hacker says:

    Hey! the romaji for 良い should be yoi. You have written it as you. Thanks for the awesome material.

  6. Niraj Pachhai says:

    arigatougojaimas…………… 🙂

  7. Pradeepa says:

    Actually this is a super study page for newly ones for Japanese language…….. It’s very clear , easy to understand, a good vocabulary ,,,,,,,,,,,, Thankzzzzzzz

  8. satpal singh says:

    how can I download them on my pc

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